You can approach board games in a similar way you do eating: you can settle for fast food, you can get healthy food, and you can savor memorable food that you will recall having eaten for years. At Burning Phoenix we have played games for many long years, and yet can we still recall a handful of games and sessions that stand out far above the rest. What made such games memorable? Well, obviously; the company. But a framework, call it a game, that channelled towards achieving such memories, helped a lot.

Some games achieved this with outstanding aesthetics, other achieved it with minimalistic and perfectly balanced game mechanics that stripped the game naked of essence in the process. Our objective is to achieve that through engagement, to have games that rely primarly on the social component, but with enough game play mechanics to grant depth and strategy. Our aspiration is to develop games that requires interaction with other players in order to win, to get a game session you can reminisce about over a pint of beer or a can of soda after packing the game back inside the box.

2616 Lismarka

Hedmark, Norway

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