Adventurers' Guild

The province known as The Valley has endured war for years. Out of the way of the main struggles in the continent, the region is the battleground for three mighty factions that had led the struggle to a stand still. A group of villages have asked for help to a group of adventurers to defend them while they try to re build their farmlands, and the Burning Phoenix heeded the call. Can a band of mercenaries, rogues and sell swords do what feudal lords failed to?


The BPAG is a combination of cooperative and competitive game. In it, the players play different factions of the same group of adventurers, the Burning Phoenix, in their attempts to settle and gain control over a territory in constant conflict. They have to progress in developing the town, while at the same time fend off the powers in the region... and all these watching their own backs, as, after all, once the dust settles they will find out that some are more equals than others.


The game unravels a set of challenges and puzzles that scale up in difficulty the closer they get to finish the game, and most certainly cooperative gameplay is the only possible path to survive them, but you will just want to cooperate the strictly necessary or, at the very least, be the one that comes home with all the glory.

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The game is designed for 2 to 6 players, and depending on the scenario can take from 2 to 5 hours of gameplay.


This game is currently on the play testing stages, expected launch date 4th quarter 2016.


Due to the extensive requirement in ilustrations for this project, Burning Phoenix is looking for already finished fantastic/medieval art not used before on any previous board game. If you have any or work as an illustrator, please go ahead and forward us your portfolio at and we will see if your work matches our needs and if we can match your fees.

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