We are in the golden age of TV series, they say. And can't argue with that: Nowadays more TV series hours are produced than hours has a year. A rise in production does not mean a rise in quality, but it does imply a demand for the novelty to stand out in such a competitive market.


This is a game that puts the player in the chair of the Showrunner. You decide what sort of show you build, what links between the characters, hire the actors and actresses that you deem perfect for the roles and, well, assemble it all together. Are you sure that you can make a procedural about the doctor of an ancient, mystical cult? Or a soap opera about some lawyers that work for the mob in the 27th century and with spaceships? Or, that's it, a proper historical drama set in the reinassence in Italy, but with a smartass and quirky protagonist, with some sort of mental issue, in the flesh of an english actress and a Danish in the role of the evil and gritty villain!


This game is currently on the developing stages, and is not expected to be released until early 2017.

2616 Lismarka

Hedmark, Norway

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